Rock Star Program

In each organization there are multiple levels of employees and managers. There are (in some cases) staggering amounts of layers and in others, not enough. As I went from company to company consulting on organizational development, communications and employee performance etc., I began to notice a common theme, a “grouping” if you will for these levels. Thus, the Rock Star program was born.

This simple identification process is (I believe) an essential tool in not only identifying your employees basic behaviors, strengths, development opportunities and overall engagement and satisfaction, it will help you focus your time and efforts in developing a high performance team by understanding the type of Rock Stars on your team!


Super Stars

These are the employees that always go above and beyond the call of duty. They work to get it done at any cost. They don’t accept “No”, they ask “what are our other options?” They are driven by results, are passionate about the company’s goals, values and success and they truly believe they’re driving “a cause”, not performing “a job”.They’re Super Stars!


Rock Stars

These employees are the definition of “consistency”. They neither consistently go above the call of duty nor do they fall short of the call very often. They seem to perform right down the middle of the rock star road. They can be characterized as steady in their performance, solid as a rock, almost predictable. They are Rock Stars!


Rising Stars

These employees are your go-getters, high potentials, enthusiastic, engaged professionals that have their eyes set on their careers and making an impact both for themselves and the company early on in the game. They jump in quickly, offer ideas and solutions, they look to see where their skills and talents can build success on.They’re Rising Stars!


Falling Stars

These employees at one time in their careers were probably one of the other Stars listed above. Here’s where your attention is needed the most. When you (as a leader) haven’t identified which Rock Stars on your team are in which category of the star platform, you will undoubtedly lead your super stars, rock stars and rising stars right down to all becoming falling stars.


If your STILL interested in using this skilled quick process, Email me and I'll send you the template and instructions!

Build a Team of Rock Stars that outperforms the competition!

Gary R. Walden