I received the PowerDeWise Lapel MIC a few days ago. It came extremely quick and was packed very well. I absolutely loved the added 6 foot extension cable that comes with the product. This comes in very handy when doing videos that require you to use a tripod and stand away from the camera.

The sound quality is great for the low priced lapel MIC. The metal clip that holds the MIC itself is extremely strong and well made. I actually popped the MIC out of the clip holder and switched it around so the MIC would stay off the shirt instead of against it while pinned to the person speaking.


All in all its very well made, great quality and the price is excellent, under $20.


Two things the buyer should know...

1.) I have a Android phone (Droid Turbo 2) and the PowerDeWise Lapel MIC "did not work" with the default camera app that comes with it. HOWEVER,... the instructions do say this "may happen". If this happens with your phone do what I did and download the FREE "Open Camera" APP, then go into "Settings" then select "Video Settings" then "Audio options" then choose "External MIC" and use that for your recordings.




2.) The other thing I want to mention is LISTEN to the "playback" on a P.C. with headphones or speakers. I originally listened to the playback on my phone to see if I could hear the difference between the camera MIC and the NEW PowerDeWise MIC and didn't really notice ANY difference, HOWEVER, (again) I played it back on a P.C. with regular speakers and headphones and it was a noticeably MUCH BETTER sound quality.


I would highly recommend this to anyone who's thinking of using a lapel MIC for better sounding quality videos or live streaming events. ~Gary        

Gary'S Review

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