People Time Action

Purpose Creates Focus

 Focus Leads to Decisions

Decisions Generate Action

Action's Produce Results

How to Be Your Own Boss
1. Find your brilliance
Having passion for your work is great, and if you’re not sure what you’re passionate about, click here for a free workbook to find your passion. Even better than passion, though, is when you find your sweet spot where your passions and strengths collide with what the world needs and what people will pay you to do. When you find the spot where those areas meet, you can be amazingly brilliant in your business endeavors.


2. Focus on your ‘why’
Think about why you want to be your own boss. What are you craving in your career, and why? Having a strong, meaningful, personal reason for being your own boss will compel you to persevere when times are tough. For more about finding your why, check out this TED Talk by Simon Sinek.


3. Become awesome at time management
When you are working for someone else, there is often some (or a lot of) structure to your days. Typically, companies have set expectations for employees. When you’re your own boss, it’s essential to plan how you’ll spend your time productively. It’s important to spend your days doing things that are truly moving your business forward, rather than getting caught up in busy-work that’s not actually productive. One very simple way to start improving your time management skills is to spend a few minutes each evening writing out a tentative schedule for the next day. This can help you stay on track toward your goals and minimize time spent on unimportant activities.


4. Be prepared to take massive action
Many people significantly underestimate the action required to become successful in their business ventures. If you’re determined to be your own boss, get ready to take massive action toward your goals. You will need to act when you don’t feel like it. You will need to act when you’re scared, you’re tired, you’re frustrated, and you’re doubting yourself. You can have wonderful ideas, but if you’re not taking action, you won’t achieve your big dreams.


5. Become financially literate
To be your own boss, it’s important to have an understanding of finances. Understanding the financial picture of your business can help you make smart business decisions. Also, keeping track of the numbers will help you determine where you can cut costs, where to focus your efforts, and which of your services are the most profitable.


6. Develop a mindset for success
Being your own boss will require you to step out of your comfort zone over and over again. You will need to learn to act in spite of your fear, to persevere when you are struggling, and to think big. You will need to learn how to tackle procrastination and to do things that scare you. Developing a mindset for success can take a lot of time and effort, but can drastically improve your business.


7. Become great at connecting with others
As your own boss, it will be important to focus on serving others and building relationships with your clients and partners. Delivering great value with excellent customer service will help you build your business. Life is all about connecting with others, and you will notice a positive change in your personal life and business when you work on connecting with people in a genuine way.

Physical being dictates, State (emotions) which  control your choices.

Be mindful of your psychical being and you'll be in more control of your state (emotions) and you'll make clearer, better choices.

Neuropyscology research shows us that lens of of expectation primes the brain. no two people look at one thing the same way.

one person will say "what a beautiful, bright, cool, crisp day it is. Look at the beauty of the fall colors in the trees.'

The other person will say " Winter is coming, the light is fading and the leaves are falling. I dread the this time of year". 

The "eyes of expectation", represents a 'mind-set" or "state" we find what we expect to find. like looking for your keys and you know them to be lost, then someone points them out and their right in front of you. because you expected them to be lost, they didn't so the mind was open to see them. same with choice.

Negative Self-Talk:

People talk to themselves in a critical destructive mind voice. Their mind is saying to them, "I can't do that" or " I'm really bad at that" or "This will never work because..." which creates "powerless emotion"! 

This is the opposite of a "constructive positive voice", which think in a manner of how can i use this information or situation in the best way possible?

The "Blame and Shame" response is a chemistry that takes over the brains that prevents us from applying ourselves.

The "reflect and adapt" response provides the brain the chemistry with the need of confidence to persist in finding and acting on the answer.

By learning to slow down, take 60 seconds out (breath, be aware of whats happening to you emotionally and physically, take inventory of whats happening to you) and be aware of your emotions you can "interrupt" your negative de-constructive voice and engage your constructive voice to change your "state" (emotions) and be in charge of both your emotions and choices and actions.

Understanding Negative critical thoughts.
1. What are the most persistent critical thoughts of yourself (and others) that have you surfaced in your life?

2. Can you KNOW them to be true? or an fill-in the blanks of what you don't know

3. How have you responded to those thoughts?
a. Believe them?
b. argued with them?
c. acted on them?
d. observed them?
e. waited for them to pass?

From this detailed perspective and awareness of self, you can see what is happening and how some bad nerochoices are made and how your pattern can be broken. With this information, you now are aware of how to respond and react to your pattern, breaking old bad negative neural network thinking (neuro connections) and create NEW positive neuro connections, (your state) nerochoices(your cations)  and desired outcomes.(results)

By getting past reluctance, skepticism, doubt and fear, we can come to the place where truth of the present moment can be felt. 

The key to regulating where you are and where  you will arrive when you act, is to recognize (be aware) of the resistance in your emotions and the doubt in your thinking and learn to change the "state" you're in before you act on an issue. This create NEW more positive and better nerochoices, nero connections in your thoughts and a better neuro network of thinking.

Successful people think this way..
They are bigger than they're problems. Everyone else, thinks, they are smaller than they're problems.