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Neuropsychology - Awakening The Brain

Neuropsychology - The science and proof that your mind, thoughts and way of thinking determines your outcomes in life.

The brain awakens when it  recognizes and uses the power to choose the thoughts, emotions and physical sensations that arise from within.

Once you are aware of the power of the your brain to create the outcome you seek, you can train your brain to orient to the events, through thoughts, which changes your emotions, (state) and eventually your nerochoices (actions) that manifest your desired outcomes.


Belief is what you have chosen to "expect" with certainty, even when it has not yet manifested. The "eye of expectation" is what your mind "believes" and therefore "expects". 

Looking for the salt story...

Be aware of what's happening to you emotionally & physically. This is your "state", bad states, creates bad choices.

Slow down, take inventory of your breathing, chest, arms, legs and neck. Breath slowly in for 3 sec, out slowly for 5 (three times)

Stand straight - shoulders back - breathing deep-chest up to the sky-shake fingers out gently.

Go to your Positive state! good states, create good choices.



30 Day Test


1. Focus on the outcome you desire (start small) - maybe something like drop some weight - go to the gym more - read a book - spend more time with others, etc..

2. Put your mind in a emotional "state" of "expectation" by first changing your physical being/position/statue, 


3. Change your body style. Start with shoulders back, deep breaths in, release slowly out the current emotional state, breathing in the new emotional state of how you will feel when the desired outcome is accomplished.  

4. Sense and breath in the feeling of what that emotion feels like as you have reach your desired destination, this.. is what will drive every decision and action to get you to your desired goal.

The Tree of life (success) looks like this:
We reek the rewards of the tree, which is the fruit. The trees fruit is actually the "results" of much that came before the fruit. What makes the fruit is under the ground (the roots). what can't be seen creates what can be seen


Mindset (state) and choices (decisions) are unseen... the results will be your fruit, the "seen" (results)


We live in 4 worlds - The first three together determine the last ones qaulity.
M - Mental
E- Emotional
S - Spiritual 
P - Psychical


Process of Manifestation:
T- Thoughts
F- Feelings
A - Actions 
R - Results


What I focus on and think about become my results!

People will easily go to these four exits for what's not right in their life.

  • Victim

  • Blame

  • Justify

  • Complain


So if you use these 4, your focusing on these 4, which will produce more of these 4 and get you nowhere.

There's no such thing as a rich, happy or fulfilled complainer or victim. Every time you complain you sabotage your inner peace, happiness and rob yourself of living life with passion, purpose and focus.

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