About Gary

As an Organizational Development Professional, Strategic Interventionist Coach and Chief of Staff, Gary has an extensive background in all aspects of employee development and engagement at every level of an organization including such divisions as sales, operations, employee culture, change management and delivering the ultimate customer experience. As a professional with over 30 years of multi-industry environments, he's helped organizations create leaders that produce high performance teams by developing the following;


Creator of "The 3 Elements of a Successful Business" (People / Time / Action) program -
PEOPLE - Successful Cultures are made up of unstoppable teams, unstoppable teams are made up of PEOPLE with PURPOSE
TIME - Master the 3 Elements of Time- Developing / Resolving & Producing
ACTION - Purpose Creates Focus, Focus Leads to Decisions, Decisions Generate Actions, Actions Produce RESULTS!

Sales Development - "Maximize Every Sales- Using the HOOK"

  • Identifying today's customers

  • Understanding personality types and how to influence the sale

  • Maximize every sale with the HOOK

  • Developing Sales Teams for High Performance

  • Author of Amazon "Make More Money in Sales Using the HOOK"











Leadership Development = Professional Strategic Interventionist Coach / Leadership development starts with "L.T.P." = LOGICAL THOUGHT PROCESS... how we think, how we take action and we create partners throughout every level of an organization.


  • Become the Employer of Choice

  • Design a culture of BUSINESS OWNERS

  • Always be a step ahead of the competition

  • Empowerment Means Progress

  • Hiring, developing and partnering with your 

     employees, means long term success.

my passions

As pet owner(s) my family and I are passionate about helping ALL animals in anyway we can provide support and assistance. We proudly support and partner with KENT Animals (a no-kill) Shelter, located in Calverton, NY Long Island. Please visit their website or on person to finds you can help these furry guys find their new forever home.  


The mission of the Kent Animal Shelter is to provide a no-kill haven for homeless, abused and abandoned animals until permanent homes can be found. Programs include Adoption, Rescue, Low Cost Spay/Neuter, Humane Education.
Me and my best friend Goliath R.I.P.
On October 12th, 2011. Matthew went to school feeling a bit run down. Like a true Senior, he was on a first name basis with the school nurse. She checked his vitals and found that this time, Matthew was indeed not well. From school to the doctor, from the doctor to the hospital, from the local hospital to one in the city Matthew traveled that day. At Mt, Sinai Hospital, he would undergo a procedure to put his heart back into a slower, more normal sinus rhythm. It was there that they found Matthew was a victim of cardiac illness. His heart had enlarged 6 times the normal size due to unspecified reasons. He indeed was very sick. Was the lethargic shuffle, occasional cough, and the  rapid heartbeat more than a teenage boy tired from hanging out ? Sadly, it was.  Matthew spent the next week in the hospital and on numerous medications to combat this and stabilize that.

On February 7, 2013, Matthew went to  work with his Uncle. While on the job he was walking in from outside and collapsed as he entered through the door. Paramedics were called and CPR was performed. Matthew was not responding. It seemed the same heart that was getting better could no longer beat another minute.  Despite all the work, prayers and love that was sent to him, he could not come back.


His family and friends miss him every minute; every day. We hope that with donations we receive, another family will not have to go through what ours did.

We want to thank you all for your support now and in the future.

Matthew was like a cousin to my both our sons and was a loving, funny, smart motivated young man that will live on forever in our hearts. "Forever Young"

VISIT THE MATT BELL JR. site to see how you can help children with cardiac illness