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Each week I'll talk about small business challenges and how to overcome them, employee and owner collaboration and development, marketing your business, technologies that could give your small business the leading edge, hiring the right people, behaviors at work and answering all your challenging questions.


Timothy Sulzman

Partner at Pelmetta Performance Solutions, Inc.

"I had the privilege of working with Gary Walden during his time as a client of our company. Based on the time we worked together, I can say that Gary is a creative, motivated individual with a passion for his work. His energy and enthusiasm are hallmarks of my association with him."

Andrew Villa

Management / Training Professional

"Gary is an insightful and engaging speaker/motivator. I had the opportunity to sit in on several of Gary's seminars and always walked away more confident of my role as a sales trainer, and with a stronger ability to grow and contribute to the organization I worked for."

Drew Williams

Market Manager at Capital One Bank

 "Gary’s “Transparent Leadership Style” develops your competencies, breaks down corporate barriers and drives teams to produce results. He’s not your typical “yes” man. He challenges the thought process, always looking to make others better. He makes current leaders look differently at themselves to change behaviors that create learning cultures."

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